Pictures from a holiday in Side, Turkey. I will not mention any names, but if you have been there or are going there, you may recognize both the hotel in Evrenseki and the shop in the old City of Side. Nice and helpful people both places.

© Paul J. Hals 2010

skilpadde_small.jpg side_small.jpg fraside_small.jpg havnaiside_small.jpg fraruineneiside_small.jpg
ruineriside_small.jpg fraruineneiside2_small.jpg fraruieneneiside_small.jpg fraside2_small.jpg fraside3_small.jpg
sjakkbrettogbrikker_small.jpg sjakkspill_small.jpg fraside4_small.jpg fraside5_small.jpg fraside6_small.jpg
waterpipe_small.jpg fraside7_small.jpg framanavgatelva_small.jpg framanavgatelva2_small.jpg framanavgatelva3_small.jpg
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