Pictures from Hotel Sofia, Alcúdia and several other places in the northern part of Mallorca.

Additional pictures and text will be added.

Updated 18. sept. 2011

© Paul J. Hals 2011/© Jarle E Sørensen 2011.

flowers4_small.jpg acastleofsand_small.jpg dsc01139_small.jpg dsc01162_small.jpg sunrise_small.jpg
sunrise2_small.jpg chihuahua_small.jpg fromtheairportofpalma_small.jpg fromtheairportofpalma2_small.jpg dsc00315_small.jpg
dsc00322_small.jpg sandcastle_small.jpg sandcastle2_small.jpg dsc00662_small.jpg dsc00663_small.jpg
dsc00686_small.jpg dsc00690_small.jpg dsc00741_small.jpg dsc00908_small.jpg dsc00960_small.jpg
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